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45ft Standard Shipping Container

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45ft Standard Shipping Container Dimensions:

Do you need a very big container? You can find it at Pelican Containers. Here you can buy 45ft standard shipping containers with the following dimensions:

External measurement 13.72m/2.44m/2.59m (45’/8’/8’6″)
Internal measurement 13.51m/2.33m/2.35m (44’4″/7’8″/7’9″)
Floor area 37m2 (341sqft)
Volume 74.78m3 (2640cuft)
Maximum Gross weight 32,500kg (71,650 lbs )
Tare Weight 4,700kg (10,362 lbs )
Payload capacity 27,800kg (61,288 lbs )
Structure Steel or aluminium exterior, stainless steel interior


45ft Standard Shipping Container Usability and Features:

What reasons do you have to buy a used 45ft shipping container? If you are still not sold on those massive containers, here are the advantages of 45ft shipping containers:

  • Because of their huge size, a 45ft container is often cut into smaller boxes as per your needs.
  • These are perfect for storing and transporting bulky cargo.
  • Secure and watertight.
  • Conversion-friendly.
  • 45 ft container use shipping from China to US general.


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